Design your project, design your life.

“Follow your passion”
-Said everyone

You've heard this many times, but it's easier said than done.  The truth is, our passions develop and change all the time. Adults have trouble understanding their passions and what to do with them - and teenagers to do, too!

There are no quizzes, fortune tellers, or psychologists who can identify or choose our passions. But there is good news, we can Design it. Designing doesn't mean planning out your entire life or following a pre-determined plan. Designing is trying out something you’re interested in, become fully immersed, failing, succeeding, learning, and repeating.

The problem is that students often feel lost, discouraged, and distracted while doing this. At Dida, students build passion projects with mentors and subject matter experts from disciplines such as art, entrepreneurship, and social impact to keep students focused, and excited in paving their own futures.

What makes Dida's Passion:Project different?


Be interdependent. Learn to create, together.


Learn to pitch, learn to communicate, learn to be you.

Problem Solving

Take on tough challenges, creativity required.


Manage your projects. Move fast, fail forward.

The details

We are now enrolling students for fall 2017 (September-December). We meet afterschool (3-6PM) Monday-Thursday, starting September 11th. Our afterschool program is limited to 5 students.

Dida operates with sliding scale (need-based) tuition.